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“MEXX.Live : Guardians of CRYPT”, a cosmic adventure and epic battles opening up explosive gain opportunities on this interstellar journey with life-changing fortune.

NFT Acquisition: Within Planet CRYPT realms lie rare and mystical digital artifacts (NFTs- Non-Fungible Tokens) holding immense value—some imbued with ancient knowledge, others granting unique abilities. Collect them, trade them, or wield their power in battle.

NFT Rental: Your stronghold isn’t just a base; it’s a hub of commerce. Lease sections of your stronghold to fellow Guardians. Perhaps an NFT-powered stardrive blueprint or a cosmic pet sanctuary? The rent you earn could fund your next acquisition.

Cosmic Crowdfunding: Assemble a crew, pitch your mission, and seek funding from across the galaxy. Investors—be they wealthy oligarchs or curious alien species—await promising ventures. Will your cause resonate? The fate of star systems hinges on your success.

Artifact Bounties: The Council of Elders offers bounties for specific NFTs or ancient relics. Hunt down elusive artifacts, prove their authenticity, and claim your reward.

Celestial Auctions: Attend grand celestial auctions held on asteroid stations or within cosmic rifts. Bid on NFTs, star maps, or even rare starship components. The highest bidder gains not only the item but also prestige and influence.

Stellar Mining Guilds: Join mining expeditions to asteroid belts and gas giants. Extract cosmic minerals, refine them, and mint unique NFTs

Remember, rewards await those with intelligence, courage, leadership. The journey starts now!

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Coin Name : MEXX

Coin Symbol : MX


Chart :

Total Supply : 10,000,000,000 MEXX

Allocation : Team 4% | Dev 4% | Creator 3% | Marketing 3%

Pioneers 3% | Community 3% | Expansion 30%

Transfer Tax : 0%

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Road Map

Phase 1 – Q1 2024 Market Cap – $100k

✓ Socials Creation

✓ Community Building

Game Designing

Shorts Trailers

Social Viral

Pioneers Sale

  • Community Presale

Phase 2 – Q2 2024 Market Cap – 100 million

  • Community Growing
  • Raydium Launching
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko
  • Pancake Launching
  • Uniswap Launching
  • Game & NFT Development
  • API Gateway

Phase 3 – Q3 2024 Market Cap – 1 Billion

  • Socials Partnership
  • Community Outreach
  • MMORPG Game Launching
  • NFT Marketplace
  • CEX Launching
  • Community Rewarding

Phase 4 – Q4 2024 Market Cap – 10 Billion

  • MEXX Gallaxy Launching
  • Enterprize Partnership
  • Innovation Hub
  • Technology Partnership
  • Incubation Hub
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Email : contact (at)